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Opposition (Yin and Yang)feng shui yin yang symbol

Yin represents negative and Yang the positive.  The terms are used to signify the difference between the two.  There always has to be an opposite of something, otherwise, it cannot be defined; for example, male is the opposite of female, bright of dark, day of night, etc.  The Yin/Yang symbol is showing that within a Yin there is Yang and within a Yang there is Yin.  This continues into infinity because in life everything defines and requires its opposite to exist.

feng shui site 01Universe’s Qi (vital energy)

Through many years of studying Feng Shui, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, I am now able to define what Qi is.  Many books and magazines have touched on the concept and meaning of Qi but never before defined the true understanding of Qi.  As everyone knows, although Qi is invisible to the naked eye, it has a powerful effect on everything on earth.  In my forthcoming book, entitled “Yin Feng Shui, I will define “What is Qi”.

Five Elements

For calculation purposes, the Earth and everything in it is divided into five groups, for example, as we already know from compass directions there are North, East, South, West and Centre. These are renamed into five elements as Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth respectively. Each of these elements then attaches their characteristics. By using this method, plus the opposite of Yin and Yang, we get the simplest way of calculating the effects of the earth around us. Understanding these formulas will give you the benefit of nature's life cycles and destructions, i.e. the weather changes from spring to summer then to autumn and winter. This alteration of climate will have a major impact on our everyday lives.

Feng Shui Creation Cycle

Interaction of the Five Elements

Creation Cycle

Follow the arrow, starting from Water which nourishes Plants (Wood), Wood fuels Fire, Fire burns into ashes (Earth), Earth crushed produces Metal, Metal melts into liquid making (Water).

feng shui destruction cycle

Destruction Cycle

Follow the arrow, starting from Earth which stops or contains Water, Water puts out Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal cuts Wood, and Wood destroys the formation of the Earth during its growth path.

Why Feng Shui?

Many people wonder “Why do our lives evolve around Feng Shui?” This question has been asked for thousands of years by each successive generation. I also pndered this when I was going through the early stages of my studies. “ How is it, that something has existed for so long and yet has not been proved by today’s scientists with their advanced technology?”  Something somewhere is amiss: if there were no substance to these beliefs, Feng Shui would not have survived.

Nature is around us every day yet we rarely take a close look at,  or even stop to think about, the fascinating things that she offers us. A tree changes through the seasons and will impact on the wildlife which depends on it. In summer the fruits ripen and all living things gather to feast on them.  Autumn approaches, leaves fall - all you see is a bare structure of  branches and twigs; the animals have departed - this is a quiet time and is reflected in our mood, which is affected by seasonal changes, in some individuals more than others.

“Why do we need Feng Shui in our life?” We may aswell ask “Why do we need food or drink?”  The answer is energy… our body requires all types of energies. We eat food and drink water to survive, but nutrition is only one of the five sources of energy for our body. This particular method of getting energy has immediate results; it is something we all do automatically and instinctively - we  accept this as a  way of life without question.

Feng Shui is the concept of discovering other ‘invisible’ energies that we take in through alternative means i.e. absorption through the skin.  We also see through the eyes, smell via the nose and hear through the ears - these are  four of the five ways of energy enhancement but, because we do not really consider them, they are ‘concealed’, and, long term, seriously impact on our health and wellbeing.  The first time we become aware of them is when we become ill: Sha Feng (bad wind) creates an environment where imbalances can get out of hand, causing the body to break down, just as food poisoning does.

Feng Shui Existence

Feng Shui knowledge has existed for over four thousand of years, but because there are so many types of energy, our understanding of them is as small as a grain of rice in a sack. Information from research over many generations has been passed down and acted upon by the descendants. Along the way to the present day, human greed sometimes got the better of us; not only keeping the information for personal gain, but also guarding secrets - only passing down the knowledge to one, or maybe two at most, in the family. Then there were the Dynasties, who throughout  have ordered the scripts to be destroyed along with the Feng Shui Masters in order to preserve the secrets within that Dynasty.

Fortunately, the skills were memorised as poems.  Young masters fled, stayed hidden and managed to keep part of the knowledge until there was a chance to practice. These disruptions in research have prevented Masters from bringing much of the original data into the present day - which means there is less scientific evidence than there would have been otherwise.