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CT Clinic - Promote Healthy Living by supply of Natural & Mineral Supplements

Binh Thao Dao School of Kung Fu - Authentic Style of Kung Fu

Authentic Feng Shui Consultant - Thomas Coxon Associates offer authentic Feng Shui consultations for residential and commercial premises and developments, recommendations to help the sale and purchase of property, calculating and interpreting chinese horoscopes, selection of auspicious dates for marriage, business start-up, moving into new premises etc..

The Feng Shui Society - The Feng Shui Society is a UK non-profit making association formed to advance Feng Shui principles and concepts. It serves as a focus for the exchange of information and experience both of the professional Feng Shui community and for others wishing to develop their knowledge.

The Open International College for Complementary Therapy - Offering Acupuncture Courses, CPD courses, First Aid at work Courses and much more…