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Dr DIEP Tuan AnhDr Tuan Anh Diep was born in 1967 in a family cultivating Chinese Martial Arts and Traditional Medicine. His grandfather The Great Grand Master DIEP Truong Phat was the founder of Binh Thai Dao Kung Fu. His father Grand Master DIEP Bao Sanh was a Kung Fu Master for Binh Thai Dao School in Vietnam, and also a Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, practicing in both Vietnam and the United Kingdom (in addition to his successful business in biscuit manufacture and coach company). This motivated Dr Diep Tuan Anh to train Kung Fu and study Traditional Medicine ever since.

After the war in 1975, Vietnam began to expel people of Chinese origins. Dr Diep’s family had to leave everything behind, becoming refugees who resettled in the United Kingdom in October 1979. Despite all the hardship, Dr Diep’s father began to rebuild his dreams by opening a Traditional Medicine Clinic and Kung Fu school in Northampton in 1983, and encouraged his children to follow in his footsteps.

Following his father’s death in 1996, Dr Diep was very anxious to research deeper into Feng Shui, due to the last will of his father: “to be cremated and not buried, so that future generations could continue to inherit the ancestor’s burial site in Vietnam”.

After a long time of searching Vietnam for a suitable Feng Shui Master, Dr Diep was finally introduced to Grand Master Nhi Nguyen in 1997. Born in 1925, Grand Master Nguyen is the third generation of his family to practice Feng Shui. However, as his own children had shown little interest in Feng Shui, he agreed to pass his knowledge and skills on to Dr Diep by accepting him as his student. Grand Master Nhi Nguyen's practice, about 40 km from Dr Diep’s old home in Qui Nhon, offers I Ching, Time Related Questions/Predictions, Relationship Advice and, of course, yin and yang Feng Shui.

Dr Diep has successfully qualified as a Master of Binh Thai Dao Kung Fu, Master of Feng Shui and Doctor of Medicine Ph.D. Mastering skills in Martial Arts, Traditional Medicine and Feng Shui, has enabled Dr Diep to fully understand the true concept of Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang and what is Qi (vital energy).