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Dr DIEP Tuan Anh

Dr Diep

Dr Diep has been training in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture with Dr Diep Bao Sanh (father) since 1984 and has recently qualified as a Doctor of Medicine and Ph.D. Apart from being Medicine Doctor, he is also a Master of Feng Shui and Martial Arts....more info

Feng Shui Grand Master Grand Master Nguyen

Born in 1925, Grand Master Nhi Nguyen is the third generation in his family to practice Feng Shui. Apart from specialising in Yin Feng Shui, Grand Master Nguyen also offers I Ching, Time Related Questions/Predictions and Relationship Advice locally (approximately 40km surrounding Binh Dinh province) in Vietnam...more info

Feng Shui ancestors alter

Ancestor's Alter

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