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Feng Shui Chinese WritingFeng Shui is Chinese and translates into English as Wind Water: these two powerful forms of energy circulate around the earth  just like blood and oxygen around the human body. They  can be creative or destructive and will have an effect on our everyday life.

By understanding these creative energy flows, Feng Shui Masters can manipulate them to maximize their benefits and minimize or avoid their destructive aspects.  Water is a visible source of energy, Wind is not, although we can see its effects.  Water flows constantly and carries with it creative energy, this is dissipated by the Wind, and described,therefore,  as destructive.   “Encourage the water to flow and prevent the wind from blowing” is a quote which summarizes these two opposite factors known as Yin and Yang.

The characteristics of Five Elements give the whole meaning of feng shui and it's cycle of life in this website.

feng shui woodWood represents Knowledge – Understanding about us and the history of my feng shui grand master.

feng shui fireFire means Achievement - Inspired me to offer feng shui consultations for everyone - from residential  to burial sites.

feng shui earthEarth known as Support - By maintaining the feng shui courses in the form of workshop enabling others to learn and understand more about feng shui.

feng shui metalMetal stands for Communication - Looking for others enquiries through links or alternatively you can contact me.

feng shui waterWater is the Future - An opportunity to research feng shui in much more depth in order to give more scientific explanations.